Poem: Star Election of Cetus

I’m not a student of Christopher Warnock’s astrological magic course, but I am on his mailing list, and I do like the act of creating poetry and hymns around the astrological windows he and his students find.

Today there is such an opening for Menkar, the alpha star in the constellation of Cetus, associated with finding lost things, good luck, and happiness.  Cetus is not one of the Behenian stars listed by H.C. Agrippa in his Three Books of Occult Philosophy, but it’s still a pretty interesting star.

Menkar, bright star of heaven’s graceful whale,
adorning Cetus with fluorescent jaw!
Send out your fortunate rays without fail,
To bring joyous days under heaven’s law!
Deep Ocean knows the crested serpent’s route,
Mimicking heaven’s own dutiful stars;
Now in your breaching, send the lucky spout
Raining down on us to drive away cares!
Give us fresh eyes to find that which was lost,
Tumble knuckle bones to favor our deeds;
Steady our keel though we be tempest-tossed!
Opportune times come to him the whale leads:
Cetus and Menkar enliven my art;
Prosper this work with good luck from the start!


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