Tai Chi Y3D11: In the middle of the night

I think the alarm went off at the wrong time last night.  More specifically, I dreamed the alarm went off last night.  I got up and put on my tai chi pants, and shirt, and went to the office and did tai chi.  I think I did the tai chi form three times.  Then, I came back to bed.  I saw the alarm clock, and read the time: 2:06 am.  Not 5:00 am. I climbed back into bed, and slept until 5:09 when the alarm went off for real, and I heard it.  I must have hit the snooze button once.

Maybe it was a dream.

But as I did tai chi this morning, there were none of the typical snaps, crackles or pops that I associate with working through the forms in the morning.  Hmmm.

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