Tai Chi Y3D10: Twice through with feeling

By the end of the second run-through of the tai chi form, I was lightly sweating — and I had chi running through me.

Sometimes I have a hard time believing that chi is real.  It feels sometimes like it’s just awareness of highly-oxygenated blood. Then there are mornings like today when it feels like it’s flowing along completely different channels and pathways, and that it is doing much more than oxygenating my cells.  But then there’s the emotional reaction to the chi. Just because I am highly oxygenated is no reason to go on an emotionless crying jag, where tears stream from my eyes even though I’m not in any sort of emotional distress.  It’s kind of an interesting sensation — a release, but a release that has the sense of doing a cleansing of the body through any needed means, rather than for emotionally-distressing reasons.

I again did the form twice, after doing the Qi Gong forms.  Both the QG forms leave me breathing heavily like a bellows when I’m done; I think it’s because both forms are now, finally, catching up to my skill level in the tai chi form.  What I mean is, for the longest time I was still learning these two forms; they came into my tai chi practice very late.  Now that I’ve learned the movement, it’s like the body is finally catching up to the brain in terms of putting the movements to work.  Now that the body’s muscles are engaged in each movement in the correct way, they can now actually do work.

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