Tai Chi Y2D346: a mixup somewhere

Today marks 19 days left until I’ve done my second year of tai chi. This is awkward, because it means that the last day this cycle is March 17. Have I done the math right? But as I recall, I ended around march 6 or march 7 last year. I’m typing this morning on a device that doesn’t make it easy to go and look up when I started year two… But I shouldn’t have been able to add ten days to the cycle. Three or four, maybe. Not ten… I’ll have to check the archives later today and add some links to this post, to detail what I find. (update: tai chi day 365 last year was March 9, 2012; I did a day 366 in there, so that means that 365 days later should be March 10… I found a doubled-pair of days in the 200s, where I used the same day number twice. Even so, I’ve somehow bumped my schedule nine days. I’ll have to figure out how I did that.)

The tai chi itself was uneven and fast. Breath work was good, posture was good, but the whole tng felt slow and moved quickly. I was doing breathwork quite well, and being very careful about pausing slightly at each posture; and the tai chi form itself couldn’t have taken more than 5-6 minutes. Over and done. Oops.

Time dilation is a real problem in tai chi. When I’m at rest, I take somewhere between 18-20 breaths a minute — using a line from some of the surviving Brehon Laws of old Ireland. But when I’m moving, it seems like time stretches, and I’m moving much more slowly that I think I am… Or much faster. So sometimes, like today, tai chi takes very little time though it feels like I’m running behind my morning routine. And at other times, I’m rushing through the forms, but really I’m moving at a snail’s pace. Currently I have trouble at times figuring out which is with, and how to even them out.

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