Tai chi Y2D345: return to school

Today is the first day of school after break. I’m eager for the return, but sad for the ending of my vacation. It’s hard to admit, but having had this exciting trip, I’m a little tired. I need some more time off to recover from my vacation!

Ha. No such luck.

So instead, back to school. It’s a busy day. Meetings, cleaning up the design lab, some graphic design, a new design program midway through the day, and various other stuff.

Today’s tai chi, consequently, was not particularly forceful. It raised my internal temperature and popped a few knots in my back and arms. But it wasn’t challenging in anyway. It hardly ever is any more.

The biggest challenge remains the process of getting up and getting started. How interesting that only twenty days short of two years, and the single biggest enemy is always the watcher on the threshold?

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