Tai Chi Y2D326: Freedom to Move

I decided to go back to the articles I wrote on Day 326, and I discovered that it was about how the twisting exercises, like Plucking Apples (which is the second movement in the qi gong system of Five Golden Coins), or Bend the Bow to Shoot the Hawk (which is the second movement in the qi gong system of Eight Pieces of Silk) were making me feel like I’d unlocked or that I was unlocking the spine, little by little.  I also looked at Day 146 of year two, which is about six months ago, or halfway through the year. And that was about the importance of starting over, to achieve the right speed. And then I did my tai chi with that context.

It’s nice to have an archive of work to look back on, and see what’s working, or how to achieve insight from what is already written down.

It feels important to say that both of these techniques are working.  I was able to note that I have much greater ranges of motion available to me when moving from side to side now, than I did even a year ago.  And I did start the tai chi form over again when I felt I was going too quickly. Frankly, I have to make more use of this technique when I get into a rut of moving too fast.  

Even more interesting, looking at the words I wrote six months ago, and a year ago, helped bring me back to a better recall of those days and what I was thinking then.  I can’t believe how much less stiff and how much more mobile I am after all this work.  Even knowing that I did the work to get here, that it was deliberate daily effort to get here, it’s startling.  

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