Tai Chi Y2D325: Returning to the written work

Friday was Day 322.  That means Saturday was Day 323, and Sunday was Day 324 — so today is day 325.  I tried my hardest to make some notes about the missing two days, but I must admit that my tai chi practice on both days was sketchy at best: in both cases I found a quiet corner, moved through the forms with as little drama as I could, and got on with my day of workshops, talking with people that I rarely see but once a year, and making some plans for the future.  It would be nice if I had notes from this work, but I don’t, really.

On the other hand, the chance to connect and reconnect with friends near and far, old and new, this weekend — was wonderful. I feel fed, I feel supported, I feel honored, I feel gladdened, and that was a huge benefit to me.  In the darkness of the year, I tend to retreat into myself, and it was good to be pulled out and into the world, even as I was on retreat from it.

Today’s tai chi was not anything special.  It’s later than usual, because today has turned out to be a snow day from school, and I slept in an hour later than usual.  It was faster than it should have been, but I was sunk down  into horse stance a little better, and my breathing was good.  And I feel… clear. Open. Unlimbered. Able to work.

Which is a lovely thing to have and to be on a suddenly, and completely, unstructured day.

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