Tai Chi Y2D327: Snow Day

Today was a snow day, so I slept in this morning. Then, later, when I got up, I got to enjoy the sensation of not rushing through my tai chi practice for a change.  It was delightful.  For one thing, the notion that I don’t have to go racing off to work is a great motivator to slow down.  It took me about forty-five minutes to work through the two qi gong forms, and the tai chi form this morning. Second, the breathwork that’s possible when you’re going at that speed is great.  You’re able to concentrate on what you need to do in a very clear way.  Third, it’s possible to take the time with establishing the tensegrity correctly.  I love it.

So Snow Days are good for remembering to do a lot of things correctly. What they’re not great at doing is helping you remember to write about them immediately afterward. Especially when there’s a phone call between the tai chi and the writing part of the exercise. 🙂

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