Tai chi Y2D295: perihelion

Today is perihelion. Around 7am eastern time, the planet came as close to the Sun as it does in the course of the year. And this morning I did the Sun Salutation in addition to my regular Druidic work and my tai chi (and recited the poem for Perihelion). Last night at around 10pm, the star Capella was at midheaven, and I wrote a poem for that. And tomorrow is epiphany, and a few years ago I wrote a poem for that. It’s a regular poetry festival!

In the first year of tai chi, this was day 301. I remain convinced that attention to preliminaries are important. The hip issues mentioned in the earlier post are largely gone. I didn’t notice the drift of my feet this morning. However, I don’t feel that I paid enough attention to the preliminaries this morning.

That said, I think it was quite productive this morning. Currently, it’s below zero degrees. Doing tai chi helped get my circulation going, and helped wake me up after a sleep in a warm bed made it difficult to get out of bed into a cooler room, and out into a still-colder world. It’s unpleasantly icy and gray out this morning.

The thing I like about tai chi is that by the time the energy work is over, I usually have a warmth in my belly. At least, at this time of year I do. At other times of year, I feel like it resets my biology to the heat of the day. So it makes me warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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