Poem: for Capella

there is a fixed election of Capella tonight (it’s actually begun on the east coast of the US, and won’t last too much longer). Capella is one of the Behenian Stars.  Here’s my poem, a sonnet, in honor of Capella:

Hail to thee, nurse of great Jove,
Rewarded with heaven for your sweet teat:
You fed the Olympian in his grove
On Mount Ida, providing milk so sweet
Which nursed the Thunderer to his great height.
In return he gave you an honored place,
In Auriga’s lap, as a brilliant light,
From whence you shine your benevolent grace.
With honors illumine our current acts,
With inquiry fill our curious hearts!
Give us strong grips on both figures and facts,
And help us master the liberal arts!
Lead, shining light, and send your splendor down,
To grant inquiry, honors and renown!

I’ll try to remember to comment on this a little in the morning, but I wanted to get the poem out there before the election passes completely.

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