Tai Chi Y2D282: finding time and space

This time of year, when the kids are home for the holidays and the house is full of company at mealtimes and baking cookies or cooking food at other times, and there are a host of holiday events to go to, it’s hard to find time to do one’s daily practice. I found a quiet half-hour in a hallway to make time and space for mine… But my half-hour was actually in three ten-minute chunks between other goings-on. First there was a Qi Gong routine in the kitchen facing the sink, followed by my Druidic practice. That was this morning at about 4:30 am before we drove to sing up the Sun on a mountaintop for the Sun’s return.

Then came another ten minute interval after lunch but before Christmas shopping. And then finally, another section, the tai chi form, in a spare part of a spare bedroom, just fifteen minutes ago. It’s not always this crazy in my daily life… but it often is this time of year.

A lot of it comes down to whether or not you’re prepared to buy into the authority that your daily practice has over you. Must it always be done, regardless of circumstance? Is there wiggle room about breaking it up into parts? I have wiggle room to break into its four components: Druidry, two qi gong forms, and a tai chi form. But I do feel that I have no authority to dictate what can and can’t be done every day anymore. It all has to be done, because I don’t sleep well or work well if it isn’t. And the festival or fast of the day has little ability to change that.

Today was another banner day for my winter solstice poem; it’s the single most popular post this year, more than double the visits of my memory palace articles. I imagine it will trail off now that the official day is past. But I hope it got some use, nonetheless, outside my usual audience. If you did use it, let me know, and tell me how it went!

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