Tai chi Y2D281: small spaces

I did tai chi this morning quite early, with dawn’s light just beginning to break through the windows. Then the day ran away from me and I never got to write the entry describing the work. I left my opportunity to do that behind quite early, and I no longer remember what was so compelling this morning. Memories of tai chi can melt away if not recorded.

Maybe it’s best that way.

Back in 2008 or 2009, I wrote a piece called “the mountain and me”, which remained the most visited-in-a-single-day entry on this blog for several years. Today, yesterday, and the day before, my entry with my winter solstice poem for the Earthspirit Community has beaten that record, three times over. It’s a bit of a shock. That single entry has just become the single-most-viewed entry on this blog, excepting only the main blog page. Startling.

I hope it got read all over the planet today… The stats suggest it was. May your solstice season be beautiful and bountiful, and may you grow happier, healthier and wealthier in the coming year.

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