Tai Chi Y2D283-84: travel, & Christmas

Yesterday was a major travel day for me. I woke too early to do tai chi before I got underway, and I only had time to do tai chi once I arrived at my destination, my parents’ place in Florida. I’ll be here for a few days celebrating and feasting, but it’s awfully nice to do tai chi in the warmth rare than in the cold.

Yesterday I did tai chi in the living room of my mother’s apartment and then went for a swim outdoors. This morning I did tai chi, and promptly climbed back into bed. There’s a relaxed pace here that I could really learn to enjoy. If I wasn’t going back to winter and work in a short time.

In the meantime, though, I’ll enjoy good weather and celebrations with my parents and their friends, and do tai chi, and catch up on lost sleep, and swim.

Happy Christmas.

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