My friend Hollie continues to travel across the south and west. You can read about her adventures here, at jvagoddess.wordpress.comgo check out her journey. She’s been to the Georgia Guidestones recently, and some caves, and Memphis, TN. She’s also seen the Nobel prizes in Atlanta on this trip. Pretty cool….

I barely left the house yesterday. Winter storm clobbered us all. Getting out for some lunch was challenging; but I wound up making dinner from the food in the house. And today I’m not sure if I can get the car out of the driveway. We’ll see in a half hour or so what’s possible.

Tai chi today was easy. It usually is after a snow day. I feel well rested and primed, and I usually get enough sleep. One of the key indicators for tai chi is sufficient sleep, and I rarely meet that requirement. Working on that is a good idea, though. Insufficient sleep is a potential cause of serious health problems down the line.

One thing I’ve had trouble with lately is keeping the order of movements straight in my head. Not the qi gong forms, which are pretty well fixed in my memory, but the tai chi form. I learned the tai chi form first, and in seven or eight discrete chunks. Yet for some reason of late, my body wants and tries to do those chunks out of order, or do six of them instead of all eight. I wonder if this is an artifact of how I learned the form, or if it’s just my body’s way of coping with the boredom of doing the same routine day after day.

Boredom is a risk. No, that’s not the right way to say it: Boredom is normal. . If you’re doing the same practice daily, there are going to be days when it feels so old and so familiar that it’s unbearable to get up and do it. Do it anyway. And lo and behold — you instantly feel better. Move past and through the boredom to the challenges specific to the day. Keep going. You’re doing fine.