Tai chi Y2D275: fires rising

When I work tai chi in a small environment, I’m always tempted to believe that the small space limits my flow of chi, and I don’t get as good a workout. But today I think demonstrates the folly of that way of thinking. Chi can and does flow anywhere. If one can move, one can do tai chi. If one’s brain is active, one can do tai chi.

In this tiny kitchen, as I did tai chi, the energy center called Tan Tien came alive, forward and backward. My belly filled with chi, and I felt it flowing out of me, too, curling out of a space below my belly button and in the curve of my lower spine. Awesome.

The work I did in this little room was not particularly athletic today. Nor was it challenging, except insofar as I was trying to avoid the ceiling fan and the furniture and appliances. But the internal sensory experience was delicious. It was a reminder of why I began, and a promise of things to come.

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