Tai Chi Y2D274-275: after the sun

Most days this time of year, I’m doing tai chi before the sun rises. Yesterday and today, I was able to sleep in for a little while and do my tai chi after sunrise. But amazingly my body doesn’t really want to sleep in any more. There’s a hunger in my limbs to do the work, and to be soothed by doing the work. It had to be done, and couldn’t be put off any longer after sleeping in past the usual time.

At the same time, setting off the routine at the wrong time causes other challenges… Lie, when does the writing happen?? Yesterday was unexpectedly busy, and the time to write about tai chi evaporated like snow in July — even as the snow piled up outside.

Small changes in routine are potentially risky to daily practices. we learn to do them on a set schedule. Yet when that flow is interrupted, or that time, we manage things differently… But the temptation is not to do them at all. We have to avoid giving in to that temptation, and make sure the practice gets done.

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