Tai chi Y2D235: opening the body

Today I could put my hands flat on the floor for abut half of the ‘toe-touching’ exercises like join Earth and Heaven. This is not as good as doing so for all of them, but it’s better than yesterday’s ‘can’t do it at all’. The body is opening up to this possibility, not fully open yet.

But of course, if I wasn’t trying to achieve this ‘palms on the floor’ posture, it wouldn’t be happening at all. The body is opening, not open yet. So it’s only partially ready, not yet complete.

I think of all the other ways I’d like to open the body — as a tailor or a musician, as a dancer, as an athlete (all things that require the body to move in practiced deliberate ways) — and I realize this is a gradual unfolding, toward greater competence and greater skillfulness. But it begins with practice, every day, whether one needs it or not. Because what we want, be it musical or athletic skill, begins with doing something a little bit better tomorrow than today.

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