TaiChi Y2D234: six hundred days

Today marks six hundred days of tai chi. I did a year and a day the first time around, that’s 366 days. And when you add 234 to that, well…. Six hundred. I have 132 days left until the end of year two. Feels like a milestone. Not the end of a journey, but a way post. Or a sign.

A fairly typical practice day. Sometimes I could put my hands on the floor. Sometimes I couldn’t. One of my spins was great. One of them wasn’t. I went to fast at the start of the form. Slowed down. Did the middle part at the right speed, then panicked and went fast near the end. It’s ok. Progress not perfection. The spine twists were awesome.

And this is just what I do, now. It’s part of me. Part of the way I go about my day. It’s not my home yet, but I have a permanent residency card.

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