Tai chi Y2D227: don’t know

I couldn’t slap the floor today. Oh well, it’ll be back eventually. In the meantime I have no ideal what to write here today. Usually I can think of something. I went too fast, of course, this morning. Should have slowed down, been more focused on breathing. But I didn’t and I wasn’t. but I don’t know what to say about my experiences. Not today. Maybe if something comes to me later I’ll write about it.

Oh, right. I went to a Halloween celebration last night, and at the end there was a dance. It was alpha rae’s song, “dancing in graveyards.” catchy tune. Although we’d been sitting on opposite sides of the circle, my lady and I found each other on the dance floor, and began really dancing, like, partners dancing that nobody really does any more in our communities: spins and bridges, twisters and pretzels, and more. By the end of the dance, we’d attracted some admirers. Someone said, “you two really know how to cut a rug.”. So that’s twice this week that tai chi has helped me dance. Good!

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