Thirty Days of Making: Knitting

I’m in Day 27 of a short series: Thirty Days of Making. Every day for the next thirty days, I intend to make something, anything, that is in some way connected to school. There won’t always be pictures, and I reserve the right to credit myself for things that I help my kids make. But I’ve decided that I need thirty days of maker success and maker failure under my belt to be a better designer.

I’ve decided that artwork counts, but not writing (unless it’s part of the art, like calligraphy). Digital work counts, but it has to be useful or publishable.

Some days there will be pictures, some days there won’t be. Each blog entry will contain a list of some of the materials and tools, a quick review of the success or failure of the Making, and a reflection on what I think I learned from the endeavor. (My friend Alicia is beginning a new series along these lines, 12 weeks of the Artist’s Way — I wish her well in her process, go check her out!).  Also, there was a technical glitch with Day 24, which is now posted.

Reason for the Project

I’m learning to knit.  I have my next four or five knitting projects planned out, and I’d like to get through them, one at a time. Unfortunately, my current project is a bit of a pain.

Process and Result:

It’s alternating purls and knits in the same row.  The knit involves coming in from the left side of the loop, under the needle in the left hand; the loop from below is passed over the needle, and then the stitch is formed when the stitch is picked up and carried across.

I’m not explaining myself very well. Suffice it to say, it’s hard: The work requires fairly intense concentration, and attention to detail.  I couldn’t maintain it longer than an hour and a half under the best of circumstances.

In any case, I put in about an hour and a half on this project today.

My result, for all that time, was about four completed rows in my current knitting project.  Augh!  This isn’t a very efficient use of my time, in part because I’m not a very competent knitter.  But I still need to know why it takes so long.

Reflection on My Learning

I’ve learned a lot about knitting.  But I haven’t learned patience.  That’s what I learned tonight.  I also learned that the scarf has be twice as long as it is currently. Given that I’ve put around 20 hours into this scarf already, this is not ideal odds.

Reflection on General Learning

Those women who knit baby clothes in the hospital waiting room are up to something,  aren’t they? Taking over the world, probably.   It’s an activity that requires a lot of concentration and focus; but it improves those skills in the person who’s currently trying to improve them.


Two of five stars.  I didn’t do excellent work, but I got it started.

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