Taichi Y2D201: good spins, bad nearly everything else.

Today was sloppy. I had a couple of good spins. But by and large it was a terrible practice. A lot of errors, not very stable on my feet, and generally off-kilter. More than that, I don’t want to write about it. I’ve been sitting here looking at a screen for a while, not sure what to put down, and I finally said, whatever, it was a bad practice, and I should probably do it over again later today.

But in saying that, I’m ignoring the bigger picture. My practice was bad because the house was cold, and the bed was warm. I was tired and I didn’t want to get up. And I was focused on answering some emails which seemed urgent, but probably could have waited until after practice.

Really, nothing should be as important as getting up and having a good tai chi practice.

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