Tai Chi Y2D200! Button, Zipper and spread feet

Today during tai chi, I was doing my best to maintain the button and zipper stance during the qi gong exercises that lead up to my main form-work, and my body suddenly shifted my weight to the right leg, moved my left leg further out to the left, widening my stance, and then settled into the posture again.

We think of ourselves as having control over our brains, but the truth is that this isn’t the case. Sometimes. Maybe.

My body decided that my horse stance wasn’t wide enough for the work.  It made the shift; and apparently it made the shift without consulting me. Apparently, this voice I call “I” or “me” isn’t really as in control of what’s going on as it thinks it is.  In any case, my body seems to have decided that I need a broader stance for my work, and is calling on me to make the appropriate shift at the start of my work, rather than partway through.

It’s nice that we have these little communications.

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