Tai Chi Y2D179: In chilly air

The morning weather has turned. Instead of it being warm in the morning before getting hot, it’s cool in the morning and it will be a warm day.  I did tai chi on the front sidewalk today.  Nobody is up and about yet; they must be snuggled in bed because the windows are open and the air is chilly.  No one wants to get up.

Along the front walk, all the plants are wilting or dying.  All the flowers have turned to brown heads. Well, not all.  But most of them. There are still ten echinacea blooms that haven’t died yet, and some white blossoms that I don’t know the names of.  I can see my breath as puffs of white cloud.   The sun stands low in the clear morning sky. There isn’t a streak or a smudge on the blue above.

As I do the forms, my feet scrape against the hard concrete.  My spins aren’t very elegant this morning.  It hardly matters. The beauty of the day is replacement enough.  It’s getting close to the day on which I won’t be able to do tai chi outside.  But that day is not today. Glorious.

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