Tai chi Y2D100: first things first

I learned my lesson and did the tai chi first this morning. Instantly felt better. I miss it when it’s not part of my morning routine, really. Those days I’ve had to put it off until later have been quite challenging for me. And yet, when I put it in its proper place at the start of the day, a lot of things flow more easily.

I did tai chi outside again this morning. As I noted a couple of days ago, I always get better results. Instead of being connected to the objects in my apartment, I feel connected to all that is. And I’m more likely to feel the chi of the living things around me participating in my own flow.

Today, there was something somewhat unusual. I did tai chi in the back yard, which faces east. One of the windows upstairs was in direct sunlight and the morning Sun bounced off the window, onto the grass at my feet. I’m not sure if it was the light, or the window or both, but the reflection produced a symbol of one of the Druidic Orders I belong to: a cross inside a circle. It’s actually the badge of the next grade or level I get to join, the one I’m eligible to examine for and join in about two weeks.

It’s odd. I know it’s a trick of the light. I used to roll my eyes when an ex-girlfriend of mine would remark on such reflections as messages of the divine. It’s easy enough to track the path of the light and see the shine in the window, track its reflected path to the lawn. At the same time, it’s hard not to see a divine message. It can be both a scientifically-traceable phenomenon and a divine message at the same time, right?

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  1. My practice is much better now that I’m able to practice on the deck again, in my rural farmyard, in my bare feet. One day I realized I was facing the wrong direction at one point when the deck boards didn’t feel right under my feet. Indeed, the boards were in a different direction from the way they should have been. When I practice inside, I have to visualize the flower garden, then the pine tree, then the lawn sloping down to the firepit, then the house… Yesterday I went through the form twice in the barn while waiting for the last chicken to come in and go to bed, and even that was a better practice than it usually is in the dining room. I notice EVERYTHING when I practice outside.

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