Tai Chi Y2D99: waiting until late

Here it is, ten minutes to twelve midnight, and I’ve only just finished my Tai chi for the day. I put it off this morning — woke with a stiff shoulder — and it seemed right to delay until the shoulder felt better.

But it never really did. I sat around today and rested — my first full day off since school ended, when I wasn’t working on comments or thinking about school stuff.

I’m never one to laze around, though. I worked on an illustrated book in the morning, took a class on sewing basics at a local workshop in the afternoon, and learned to knit this evening. A busy day for crafting! I have an eye pillow, a couple of illuminated pages, and about two inches of a blue scarf to show for my day’s labor.

But no tai chi until now. Would you believe it? My shoulder feels better now than it has all day. Sometimes, in putting off the work we must do, we achieve a great many side goals. But the principal work still calls to us — and when we answer that call, it rewards us.

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