Taiji Day 362: New Fire

There’s some sort of invisible line that separates a day of half-assed tai chi (but nonetheless completed tai chi) from a quality workout.  I was able to cross that line today, early in my qi gong practice, and by the time I reached the tai chi form I was hot and… dry.

Ok, keep in mind, I’ve been drinking a lot of water lately.  Some of that water should get expelled as sweat if I’m doing exercise, right?  But no.  I’m retaining the moisture, and the heat is building up on my skin, but I’m not sweating.  It’s a new kind of internal warmth that translates to external warmth, and makes me feel empowered and strong.  But, I don’t know if it has a name in tai chi, or if I’m just experiencing an internal body shift of some kind.

Today’s movements were a combination of hard and soft actions: sometimes I was punching hard and my muscles were tense, but at other times it was a soft and balanced series of movements. So this sense of energy didn’t come from the muscular nature of the movements. That is, it may have been generated by those movements, but it’s not particularly linked to the nature of the movements. Second, the pain in my left hip and leg has vanished over the last couple of days.  And third, this sense of new heat is now causing my palms to sweat a little, making it slightly hard to type.

So it’s not perception alone that I’m warmer; I am warmer in an objective-reality sort of way.  And I feel charged up and more alive.  I’ve made a couple of changes in my food habits in the last few days, so I feel less loogy on several levels.  But, there’s definitely an energetic change going on.  I kinda like it.

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