Every time I do the calculation, I arrive at the same answer… I think my year of tai chi will be done on March 6, 2013. So I get the traditional ‘year and a day’, I think that I’ll do 366 days, and end on March 7.  I haven’t decided if I’ll throw a party… or just keep going, but not write about it as much.  What’s your preference?

During the kicks and spins around the middle of the tai chi form, I almost slipped and fell.  I had just done the high kicks left and right, and finished the spin… and I was all wobbly on my right foot. I put my left toe down and exhaled forcefully using my core muscles to stabilize my spine, and touched the ground… Boom. Stable again.  A little later, I did a Snake Creeps Down which leads into Step to the Seven Stars of the Dipper (silly name for a forward step with a fist-block, but there you are), and felt all the muscles in my core tighten up.

I have a set of core muscles.

It was sort of shocking.  I’m not sure you’ll ever be able to see them, but I can feel my abs now.  They’re there, which is shocking enough.  They’re strong, too, which is more shocking.  When did this happen?

Gradually. Over the last 327 days.