Improvised workbench

Improvised workbench

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I found these tools and several others at a yard sale for $10.00, and gave them to the design lab at my school. Tomorrow, I’m doing a project using them with my sixth grade that involves drilling. So, here’s my improvised work bench in the Design Lab — three c-clamps at $2.00 apiece, and two drills, and a set of drill bits that I got for $10.00, too. The wood was left over from another project: Call it $4.00 worth of wood. Twenty kids will get to learn some drilling skills for $30.00…

The world is filled with this kind of stuff.

Oh, and the steel wool and WD-40. The tools were so cheap because they were covered with a thin layer of rust. Amazing what some steel wool and WD-40 can accomplish… and there’s plenty left of both for the next set of tools I have to clean and prep.

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