Taiji Day 326: No Idea

I did tai chi today, (along with the burp, since I don’t know what else to call it yet). I don’t know what to say about it, though.  A sense of chi within me? Yes.  A sense of growing capacity? Yes — in particular on the twists, I’m noticing that more and more of the force of the twist is being generated at the waist, with some movement on the spine at the hips… I’m unlocking the vertebrae of the spine, a little at a time (and hey, I made a rhyme!)  But there’s not much to say about that.

I did a lot of art this past week.  I made some pop-up cards, from which I got some insight into the nature of tools, and tool use, in the design process.  I need to work on my calligraphy.  I learned that I can produce really quality work; I also learned that my figure-drawing and illustration skills need work, and I learned that it’s probably time to begin work on the next version of the Kavad (It’s not that the current version is done; it’s that between pop-up books and studying machinery, I am pretty clear that I don’t want the final version in wood to look like this).  These are all good things to learn. But they’re not tai chi.

I guess the most important thing I learned today is that I have no idea what will generate chi consistently.  I’ll have a practice like yesterday where I’ll move very slowly, and deliberately, and I’ll have lots of chi… and ten minutes later no energy-sensitive person will be able to tell that I’d been working chi at all.   And, on the the other side, I’ll have a day like today, where 10 minutes later I’m still buzzing, and I think that an energy-sensitive will be able to tell that I’d done work this morning.  It’s odd.  It’s like my body and mind know before the ego-me knows, how much I need to project and how much I need to carry, even before I do.

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