Taiji day 325: Slipping in the dark

I woke to a very cold house this morning: 58 degrees F. I keep the heat set at 66-68, but sometimes this causes the furnace to click off, and then the house chills down a lot. So I wore socks to do tai chi. What an odd sensation. It is like coasting around, on the hard wooden floors. There’s a slide or a slip sensation.

And yet. And yet it turns out that you can achieve a solid connection with earth even if your footing isn’t sure or certain. I was able to do the spins and the kicks confidently, even with socks on, because I always felt sure of my balance. This is not usually the case. I almost always have to remove my socks to do the tai chi form, because I’m not confident enough in my grip on the ground while wearing them. It has to be shoes or bare feet. Not today. Today I moved easily and confidently around through both qi gong forms and the tai chi form, without feeling like I was going to slip or fall or hurt myself. Perfect.

After the tai chi form, which is usually my ending point, I performed a new series I’m working on learning. I don’t know what to call it just yet, so I’ll just call it the burp for now.

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