Taiji day 291: small spaces

If you have to do your daily practice in a small space, it’s important to adjust your practice to the limitations of the space. I whacked my right hand on a closed closet door, and my left hand on the blade of a ceiling fan (which fortunately was not turning at the time). Ow.

Small spaces impose unusual limitations. Low ceilings set one kind of boundary, narrow rooms another. Actions which are large in one space must change shape to fit the available space. Environment matters. Just as carpet imposes limitations on spins which hardwood floors and concrete do not (or at least different limits), so do furniture and neatly arranged stacks of Christmas presents. Fit one’s actions to the available space.

Do not, above all else, step on the antique stocking already stuffed with goodies. On the pain scale from 1 to “stepping on a Lego brick”, it’s much closer to the latter than the former. Plus, the candy cane is broken now.

Merry Christmas, all.

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