Taiji Day 269: quiet energy

Doing tai chi this morning while the rest of the house was asleep was really nice. It’s this rising energy that develops in the core, spreads put to the limbs and into the toes. When people are awake in the house, it’s slow to be able to raise this force. When it’s just me, it feels like it comes more quickly. Of course, it doesn’t take long to disperse the energy. Touching someone or something can disperse the charge, just like a charge of static electricity.

Yet this morning I was able to stand in the charge I’d raised for a little while, and hold it, and settle it into myself. How I did so is something of a mystery. I knew I was going to go back to bed after the work. I wanted to hold on to the energy I raised, to do things with it later. How to do both?

But there are places where energy can be stored and saved for later within the body. They’re not even of the body, though they’re physically contiguous with it. It’s almost like they’re preexisting, and one simply forms physically around them, akin to how a pearl forms around an irritant within the shell.

Spiritual systems have a tendency to assume a soul is the pearl that must be preserved, or kept clean through avoidance of sin, or some such. But what if the physical form is more like a pearl, and the soul is the “irritant” within the pearl? Or say the soul is the oyster, layering down spirit, energy centers and physical body like so much nacre?

I’m wool-gathering, dream-making to try to understand how I centered energy and grounded it win myself this morning, while not having a clear sense of how I did anything this morning beyond what I usually do.

Sometimes we develop skills that have no genuine explanation in the realm of words. It doesn’t make it any easier to talk about it, but it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

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