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Polyphanes has a story in his blog today about a man writing to him to ask how to learn “astrology, kabbalah, tarot and magic all at once”. OK, that’s not exactly how the letter reads, so I shouldn’t put it in quotations, but it’s kind of the intimation, so I’ll let it stand.

Kabbalah, that which is received, is a Jewish mystical system for delving deeply into the structure of the Universe through the written word, and exploring deep connections between letter, word, and number. Astrology is a method for divining past and future events from the position of the stars. Tarot is a system for exploring the nature of our mindsets and future events through the sortilege of cards. and Magic, of course, is the art of altering consciousness in accordance with will.

Polyphanes’s answer to this guy who wants to learn All the Magic! Right Now! is brilliant, I think — “study philosophy, read religion, learn mythology… these are the language of the things you want to learn.”

And to that I would say, “take what you learn and make art from it.”

The image of the tenth mansion of the Moon — a lion’s face floating above the landscape — is associated with glory and achievement. It represents beneficence and magnanimity raining down upon the Land, and upon us. It is the energy of the Sun, mediated through the Moon, empowering us to great things, and energizing us for the Work ahead.

I carry a variant of this image in a pocket of my work bag. I have made it again, and again, and again in various ways, some days better, and some days worse. It’s a constant reminder that I’m not here to watch the Kardashians or MTV videos, or even my favorite, Doctor Who. I’m here to be an artist and a teacher and a creator and a coach and a great human being. I’m here to be Awesome, and to teach others to be Awesome.

Polyphanes, thanks for the reminder.

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