Taiji Day 219: Go through the motions

Two days ago I learned that if I take at least 10-12 minutes with the form, I get “something extra”, so I practiced the form with a stopwatch.  A little over nine minutes. Awesome, but clearly I needed to go a little farther.  So I did, yesterday. And I discovered that this “something extra” (at least for me) was relatively easily obtained.  It is worth bearing in mind that I’ve been at this a while, though: 7-ish months.  So maybe it takes awhile for that potential to manifest.

ANYWAY, I’m drifting from today’s point, which is that I’m tired this morning.  I watched the debate between Biden and Ryan last night, and I was jazzed up and tired from drinking too much coffee while hosting trivia night a little earlier in the evening.  So I was slow to rise this morning, and I did the form in a perfunctory way: eightteen minutes for all three forms, which is what it took me yesterday to do just the tai chi portion of the daily practice.  So there was none of that “something extra” in today’s work.

But it’s not a contest.  Nor is it a race.  It’s not even a mountain climb.  There’s no prize for finishing first, or even for finishing last.  Or even finishing well.  It’s me, and the form, day in and day out, regardless of consequences or results.  And sometimes that means going through the motions.  Sometimes that means striving for ‘something extra’.  And sometimes it’s achieving ‘something extra’ without striving for it.  Today, it was going through the motions.  Tomorrow?  We’ll see.

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