12th mansion – man fighting dragon

Via Flickr:
The Twelfth Mansion of the Moon, covering late Libra to early Virgo, gives prosperity to harvests and plantations but hinders sailors; and it is good for the betterment of servants, captives and companions.

I think this has to do with friendship. A man who fights dragons needs helpers and friends, and frankly, I need more friends in my life. I know lots of people, I help lots of people, but everybody needs a crew — and I’m of an age where a crew would be helpful. I’m also working on a lot of projects where I need to complete the harvest. So do my students — they need the opportunity to complete what they’ve begun. So, for all these reasons, this was the illuminated image they worked on today.

Again, deeply indebted to Chris Warnock for the book, the Mansions of the Moon

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