Taiji Day 214: what kind am I doing?

At the country fair yesterday, someone asked me “what kind of tai chi are you doing? I see the posts on Facebook sometimes, but what are you doing?”

And the answer is, I’m doing the kind of tai chi my instructor taught me, which is his own variant. On something.

I had to go to his website to figure it out. Apparently he teaches Yang-style, which is a family tradition from China, rather than a temple tradition. And yet when I try to do tai chi with other Yang practitioners, we don’t match up. My form is subtly different from theirs, and not quite the same at all. Hmm.

Practice today was slippery: I was working in the office, but because it was cold I was wearing socks. Consequently my form was a little slippy on the floorboards. I managed to stay in bed until 5:20 before getting up, but by that point my body EA’s desperate to get up and get to work.

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