Taiji Day 213: Growing the Buzz

It’s hard to say exactly when it started.  If I could pinpoint a day or an hour when I became aware of it, that would be helpful; but I can’t, so I won’t.  But it’s now the case that I walk around all the time with a very slight “tai chi buzz” going on.  Even now, sitting at my desk, I can tilt my head a little to the left, and I can feel the chi pulsing in my right neck.  If I sit for a moment, rather still (yes, and turn off this fan buzzing right beside my left ear), I can feel it throughout my body.  The energy level rises slightly when I do the form, but it never really goes away any more. It’s there when I’m walking around the grocery store, and it’s there when I’m teaching (although it’s hard to be fully conscious of it and lecturing at the same time), and it’s there when I’m grading papers.

It’s always on.

Practice wasn’t anything particularly special today. The buzz rises while I’m doing the work, and goes back to its regular “background noise” pretty quickly when I’m done.  But it is wild and wonderful to have this new energy within me, and know that I’m growing something within myself that was definitely not there before.  It’s hard to say whether the thing that I’ve grown is a new power, or simply an awareness of an intrinsic reality that was always there.  But it is there, now, and I can say that I didn’t experience this before I began doing tai chi regularly.

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