Taiji Day 202: Nothing Special

Some days, I feel like I have to dig pretty hard to find something special in the day’s tai chi practice. Today is one of those days, but I don’t feel like digging. I was a little late getting up — pressed the snooze button once — but I got up and did the work. I lost track of where I was in Eight Pieces of Silk, briefly, but I found my way forward again without moving from my posture. I over-stepped on the first Snake Creeps Down in the form, and wound up doing part of the form in a different part of the room than where it usually happens… but I was able to correct later on, and get back to the correct finishing position. These are the ordinary trials of working through a tai chi form. There’s nothing special about any of it; it’s what happens, normally.

I guess that’s what this entry is about: doing tai chi daily is becoming normal. It’s part of what I do.

Update: This entry was originally uploaded as Day 203. It was actually Day 202

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