My desk post-project

My desk post-project
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I wanted to time myself on a first run through of a project type I’m looking into for school. I didn’t bother with cleanup or sorting as I went; I just did the steps I’d thought of in as close to a “thought to action” series of steps as I could. The result? A serious mess.

On the other hand, the actual project turned out well. As you can see from this other photo, the fifteen minutes invested in this project and making this mess resulted in a small notebook of cardboard and plain unlined paper, which would be suitable for using as a design notebook or as a sketchbook or as any sort of small-press/student-created project. The nuts and bolts built into the project tend to lend it a steam-punky air (and if I’d bought brass bolts, it would be much more in line with THAT aesthetic).

I guess this boils down to, “Don’t worry if you make a mess. Messes are a natural part of the business of makery. In fact, if you’re not making a mess, you’re probably not making something. And if you’re not making something, you’re not learning as much as you should.”

And... The project result
And… the prject result: a small codex-bound cardboard notebook


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