Taiji Day 143: asymptotic curves

It occurred to me this morning, apropos of nothing, that it will be until day 234 before I have another day when all three numbers appear in order. I don’t think there’s any significance to that, except that it gives me something to work towards.

Today, I did very well working through the form except for two things. First, I allowed myself to be distracted during the five golden coins by the pass through of my roommate. I needed to stop during the deep knee bends called carrying milk to heaven, and I lost track of my count. Certainly not a major problem, but a thing to be aware of. It’s easy, when you’re interrupted, to just stop going at all.

The second challenge was during the form, which went smoothly (even the half- and full-turns!) except for the Windmill Kick. It’s a little annoying that everything else is so graceful and beautiful (if a little too fast), and then this one sweep of motions looks liks an awkward heron forgetting to fly. Maybe if I re-title the movement, it won’t seem so bad?

But no. I just have to have patience that eventually my body and brain will get into alignment about what’s supposed to happen, and I’ll be able to do it — maybe never perfectly, but at least better than I can now.

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