Kavad 4.7 — Sacred Geometry

Kavad 4.7 - sacred geometry
The pentagram, badly drawn, with eight geometric constructions, and nine roundels of mathematical formulae (eventually)

There’s a beautiful geometrical pattern that I learned from JMG’s work, that was actually in a book by Mark Stavish.  Eventually that proof, I think, is going to go onto this panel as a nod to my initiaiton as a Freemason.  For now, I don’t feel comfortable putting that proof on display — the discovery and rediscovery of such a proof is not mine to share, especially not in working photographs of a construction project.  But the IDEA that there should be a panel within the kavad devoted to the issue of geometry, and sacred geometry — as well the “Blazing Star” of the pentagram, representative of the five elemental forces, and a tool for teaching the LBRP and other systems of energy work related to Hermeticism, strikes me as critical.  No less, the five pointed star (correctly drawn, of course, not as shown here), reveals the principle of Φ — phi, the Greek letter representing the golden ratio, or 1:1.618… and so on.  Including it large-scale in the kavad as a pentacle is a way of relating the Hermetic tradition to Wicca, to mathematics, and to concepts of natural beauty.

It occurs to me that I now have the five pointed star and the six pointed star both arranged in the Kavad now, and even though in an earlier post today I was dubious of the value of having the Cross in the center of the Kavad, maybe it makes more sense now to have it there. I wonder… can I get the star and moon of Islam in there too? What about the Om symbol of Hinduism?  The yin-yang? Maybe I should just put a big “coexist” sticker on the thing somewhere.

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