Taiji Day 121: Was this room this hot when I started?

Yeah… I walked into the office this morning, and didn’t notice much of a temperature difference between the office and the bedroom, until I started getting going  on the work: Five Gold Coins, Eight Pieces of Silk, and the form.

Someone asked yesterday what form I was doing, and someone else asked what tape or video I was doing. Sorry, readers — I’m working from a form I learned back in 1997, and have kept up with off and on since then — there’s no tape and no video and no YouTube clip.  Just find a workout routine for yourself, and do it.  Again and again and again…  I don’t even know what family style of Tai chi I do.  I think Laddie’s form for Star Farm Tai Chi comes from a Sun style, but I don’t even know.  I counted the postures this morning, and there were 67 postures.  Except I counted all of the postures, not just the ones that have names, and I think there are probably 24 postures, with some repetitions, because short forms are usually 24 postures.

I’m in that awkward state where I’m not exactly sweating, and I’m not exactly not sweating.  My skin is sticky after the three sets of exercise postures, but I’m not dripping.  That said, by the time I was done, the office where I do tai chi felt considerably warmer and stickier than the bedroom where the one air conditioner in the house is.

It’s going to be another very hot and humid day.

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