Kavad 4.7 — The Body of Light & Chakras

Kavad 4.7 - chakras & body of light?
My drawing skills are going to have to get a lot better…

Well. It’s been a productive day so far. The inner panels are humming along nicely.  I’ve got some big bits done, in the form of the Hexagram, and this (very rough) illustration of the body of light and the chakra points within the body.  The idea is that the Kavad could be opened at various points to various pictures, and these could be used as themes for meditation or discussion.  It becomes a learning tool as well as a teaching and storytelling tool.

The group of windows along the right-hand side of the image are on the sides of the inner doors, but on the outside of these inner doors… and there are 22 such images.  I’m hoping that I can squeeze a quick image of the major arcana onto these squares.  They’ve been woven into the western world’s mystical tradition quite effectively, and it would be a shame to lose them in this object.  That said, I’m coming up against certain hard limits of reality here:  I’m not sure there’s a way to put another fifty-six pictures into this box without hitting the boundaries of comprehensible imagery.

As it is, I’m not looking forward to creating paint versions of the chakras.  They are, traditionally, represented with elaborately petalled constructions of four, six, ten, twelve, sixteen, nine, and two petals, and they’re a pain in the ruckus to do at full scale in a notebook, much less in miniature version on primed wood…

I’m finding it curious: there’s two different things going on in my head these days.  One of them is the challenge of figuring out how to represent these esoteric concepts in visual images.  The other is the challenge of coping with these esoteric concepts getting rewired in my brain.  I started this project as a way to understand creativity and imagination, and express it to teaching colleagues. But it’s quite unusual, the way that doing the exercises and doing the work of creating the physical box, and then drawing in the various pictures, is re-wiring my own brain.

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