Taiji Day 117:

Yesterday, I noted that I can now do the Eight Pieces of Silk in what I call “hard” style.  What this means is that I tense my muscles, and I work through each of the eight postures, six repetitions, with the muscles tensing against one another.  This makes Eight Pieces of Silk into a set of isometric exercises. When I do that, I sweat. Not profusely, but I sweat.

Yet I noted that I had never done the form all the way through using a “hard” style.  I tend to do it softly, and rather too quickly, and the result is that I get a workout that sometimes is sweaty, and sometimes not.  But the quality of the workout is in a sense compromised. Because I cannot shift back and forth between hard and soft easily.

So today I did the form, “hard”-style. I’d have to say that the results were good — I’m sweaty, I’m breathing hard, and I got a good workout this morning.

Right next to me, though, was the kavad. And although I have morning activities to follow up on today, I can’t wait to get back to it later today.

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