Video — Kavad 4.6

Here’s a video of the outer skin of the kavad, at the end of the first day of decoration of the prototype.

What I’ve discovered from this is that my drawing talents are nowhere up to par when it comes to traditional images, like the Gemini twins or the scorpion of Scorpio, much less more complex things like the centaur-archer of Sagittarius or the fish-goat of Capricorn.  So one of the things that I did was go to Google and search for drawing how-to’s on the various signs.  But then, that’s what I’ve done for all kinds of things, from the Tree of Life shown here (more or less cribbed from a John Michael Greer book) to the information itself that I’m encoding upon the box.

Today has been one of the busiest days this blog has seen in a good long while — while I’m unlikely to surpass my record for most unique visitors in a month this June… Thank you for the interest, but please remember this is a prototype… I’d love feedback and comments on how to make this more effective and useful.

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