Palace of memory glyph

Palace of memory glyph
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More visitors to my blog seem to come for insight into Palace of Memory technique than anything else, so I figured it was time for an update. Reading through the scripts is not necessarily an easy way to learn the system, so on the train into New York City today I sketched this quick diagram of the “entry hall” of the system I’ve been using for a while, and that I try to teach my students.

You can see the tessellated pavement, and the two tables for math and architecture, with the globe and globe-stand between them. You can see the four walls painted different colors, and the four different doors. What I can’t include are the data points for each shelf, or the key figures atop each shelf, like the statue of William Shakespeare,

One of my students has used it so extensively that I’m planning an expansion for him, out the east door. It will be two rooms — a space rather like a Roman Atrium, and a space beyond that rather like a Renaissnce or Baroque-era library. I’ve gotten inspired by the library at the place where I’m staying in New York City, and I think it will be useful to you all.

Assuming you’re still interested. Are you?

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  1. Oooo…I’ve been fascinated by the Palace of Memory as it’s played into 2 different novels I have read. That’s as far as I’ve gotten though. I look forward to looking through more of your posts on this tag when I have a chance.

    • It’s fairly easy to learn the basics of it in a few hours. The internalization of the system takes a few weeks. And then the development of the system so you can use it, takes years.

      But you can be taught the basics of this system in a few hours of practice.

    • I’ve always imagined it would help to have a particular place in mind and I think my house with all its myriad rooms could be a great palace. I often think that I don’t have anything that I’m burning to remember, but then I realize I never remember physical movements that happen in order such as dance, sun salutations, tai chi, etc. I also think using it to remember geographic locations would be great. Imagine if every time I listened to the news I had a better picture of where it was happening.

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