Taiji Day 19

I managed to do the taiji form today, but only just… I was planning to do it when I got up, but then I overslept. Then I planned to do it at work, but found that I had two fill-in duties in the course of the day, so I pushed the plan to do the work til after school.

Then I realized I had two errands I had to do before five pm, so I did those instead of tai chi. Then I went to a meditation session (productive, but no sense of awake-ness as last time). It wasn’t until after dinner another meditation that I did the tai chi thing.

Western magic characterizes procrastination as a demon, the Dweller on the Threshold. It’s much more effective to get it done now, right away, than to wait. There’s always something more important to do that he (or she) will find a way to make that come first.

Do not let the Dweller win. It has no power except convincing you not to do something. Push past that. Get it done anyway, I feel terrible for leaving it for so long… I feel great for getting it done,

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