Taiji Days 14 & 15: setting priorities

If you don’t make moving energy around a priority in your life, it will cease to happen.  Yesterday, it wasn’t until late in the day (just before we went out to dinner, my lady and I), that I was able to find time to do Five Golden Coins.  I’m glad I did, though, because it gave me the impetus when we came home, to complete the work and do the taiji form in the back yard.  Under starlight, in sight of Orion and the ongoing conjunctions of Venus and Jupiter, I stepped back to drive the monkey away and rode the tiger.  Beside the ruins of the old mill, I warded off left and right, and cradled the Buddha’s teacup.

Then I went inside.  As readers know, I’ve been afflicted with this major mystery illness that’s been plaguing many in and around my school — dry, hacking cough; nasty phlegm; postnasal drip; and occasional chest pains.  Yuck.  My lady, who is reiki III, and I who am reiki  II, did some work together using a combination of chi work, Hermetic/GD symbolism, and good, new-fashioned New Age energetic ‘pulls’ to draw out whatever yuck is still inside me with regards to this illness. Today, I’m not well but I’m much better than I have been.  So far, so good.

Today, due to work, I came home to my own place, and while my computer was installing a major update, I did five golden coins and the taiji form.  Much easier for both than it’s been in days, and a nice flow of energy began before I’d even finished the first of the Coins exercises.  Hermetic practice was also much easier today.  Again, progress.

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