Plans go awry

Plans go awry
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I had this nice notebook with a cover adorned with Ganesha, opener of the ways. I was planning on making it into an illuminated grimoire with some of the magical rites I’ve been doing, making use of some of the NeoPlatonism I studied back in college when I was a philosophy major, and the format that FraterRO worked out from Johannes Trimethius…

Never forget, artists: Materials matter. The ink I’m using is too liquid for the paper, and bleeds right through. So, two things I learn from this: pay for quality, and test the intersection between your various materials before you make all sorts of artistic plans for a major project.

Via Flickr:
I was planning to make a small illuminated book using some new calligraphy pens and a nice blank book with a leather cover that someone gave me. It has an image of Ganesha embossed in the leather.

Alas. The pages are really too thin for the markers I’d like to use. This is the back side of the first page: the ink is bleeding through.

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