Another Writing Guide

I like making them, and I hope they’ll be helpful to my students in prepping for their essays for the history exam tomorrow:

What do you think?  Is this one of education’s futures?

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  1. Lovin’ the Jing Jive. Here’s my first Jing; I am having my student use it in my Latin class to mimic the color coordinated patterns or our reading skills. After a few days w/smart boarding and using Jing, we have settled into the pattern of scoring our verbs first in red, highlighting our subjects in green and identifying key parts of the predicate in blue. This first Jing has become sentimental in that I recorded it late on duty one night and it no longer follows our patterns. Old School–two weeks ago, that is.

    Some more Jings on our Latin Wiki; be mindful that they’re all a work in progress–you know, we’re working through the mess:

    Jing on–Bill

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